Monday, May 30, 2005

I'm that girl

This will be short, because I have just discovered that I can tap into someone else's wireless internet at my apartment and I'm feeling like a crook on the lam...who knows how long I have before someone realizes that I'm sucking their juice. (ok, it's obvious to anyone reading this that I have no idea how wireless internet works...but whatever...let me have my fantasies)

I just got done visiting my friend jill and her three kids under the age of three. I realize that I have every reason in the world to be completely happy with my life. I mean, the grass is always greener right? But as I was chatting it up with jill today, trying to make my life seem glamorous and unfettered with desitin and diaper rash and potty training...I realized that I was sounding just a little bit jaded. I have a new sort of anger and resentment that is just starting to surface in my attitudes about men and life and singledom. I don't even know who I am anymore. Is this the end of my mid-twenties optimism? Am I doomed to become THAT girl? You know the one...she's so lonely and desperate that she starts to HATE HATE HATE everyone except her cat and her parents and if you ask her if she's dating anyone, she will quickly launch into a diatribe about the insensitivity of people on the "other side" who DARE to ask about her love life. Yeah, I never thought I had it in me and I don't THINK I have to give in to the dark side??????????????????
well, ...I don't want to, so I guess I won't. Sigh.... that was easy! Decision made. NO MORE BITTER UNMARRIED MORMON GIRL IN HER LATE TWENTIES!

I still hate cats, so I guess I'm really safe for a little while anyway.

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cherry red stoma said...

entertaining nini, entertaining. I've learned a lot about you through these little blogs. I'm a little nervous that people's true identities are being posted, no alias here... "what will she write next"? Actually, this could be kind of fun....