Saturday, June 04, 2005

Why Thriftstore Shopping is Better Than Most Men

You see, today I went for this really long walk at Liberty park. After my soul centering exercise, I took a bag of clothes to DI...clothes that honestly, I should have just thrown out. They had paint stains the color of my now living room, pit stains from the years of soul- centering exercise, and probably more than a few holes from just being loved a little too desperately. Then there were the pants that USED to fit me pre-mission overload and the shirts I bought because they were cheap and not necessarily because they would EVER look like anything other than garbage bags on me. It was a cornacopia (how do you spell that?) of disaster and I was taking it to be hung up by some well-meaning worker at the D.I...which to you east coasters is the Utah version of Goodwill and Sal Val.

After joyfully handing over the garbage bag that concealed my "donation" and graciously accepting the thank you from the workers (THEY don't need to know how sad my "donation" really was!!!!), my roommate and I proceeded to spend 2 hours wandering around the store, finding replacement CRAP for our house! We spent a whopping $48 on new old pajamas, new old frames, new old closet doors (that we are going to shabby chic into some room dividers!!!), new old plates and bowls (we now have like 50 of each...WE NEED THEM...WE HAVE LOTS OF um.....CEREAL PARTIES?) and new old books. It was awesome...and I must admit, we felt fulfilled. So fulfilled that we decided we deserved a cherry limeade after all our hard thrifting...our version of the cigarette after, get it.

So it's easy to see why thrifting is better than having a boyfriend. You put your old junk in the back of your car. D. I. will take it no matter what kind of junk you have in your trunk (unlike most men). Then after they take your shit, they HELP YOU find something better. They take all major credit cards and not ONCE does anyone tell you that what you are buying is sloppy seconds.

But hey, maybe thrifting is LIKE loving men? You have to dig through piles and piles of crap to get to the hidden treasure. I don't know. This analogy has gone too far, but I had nothing better to write about. It was this or the hair clog in my sink that is slowly taking over the apartment and as much as I LOVE hair clogs....

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Kirsten J said...

When you find something cool at D.I., it might be fulfilling because nobody can go and get one exactly like it. For some reason, that makes people panic and feel powerless and for some reason, that's fun for me. I mean, I go to your house and try not to get too inspired because there's no use. There's no way I can replicate anything you've done to decorate.