Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fraggle Rock

This might date me, but does anyone remember "Fraggle Rock"? I loved that stupid puppet show and this might come as a surprise to any of you who know me now and my general disdain for most things puppet (except team america) and talking animal...not that the fraggles were REALLY animals, but you get the point. The coolest part about it was that it was on HBO and we didn't ever have HBO except when there was a free cable preview. Getting to watch Fraggle Rock was like getting to have icecream and potato chips for dinner (which my Mom ACTUALLY did every once in a while when she didn't want to cook).

I even thought Uncle Travelling Matt was the coolest character ever...sending that other little puppet guy post cards all the time about his adventures. Well, I'm travelling again for work. I'm heading out to DC tomorrow morning and I'm tired. I don't want to go ANYWHERE. I just want to stay at home, maybe hit a karaoke bar to soothe my troubled soul and be with my friends. But I have to fly.

I kind of like airports and the in betweeness of it all...not here anymore, not there yet...just in the airport reading a magazine with paris hilton on the cover and drinking a smoothie from "The Grovestand". I also like that I can pretend to be whatever I want in the airport. Want to be a hard core business woman who has a meeting at 4 in NYC? That's you. Want to be a vixen who sleeps around and is hiding 12 tattoos beneath her shirt? That's you. Want to be a bohemian world traveller with sleepy looking eyes and mismatched everything? That's you! Unfortunately, I seem to pick the same persona every time I fly... the lost tourist who can't figure out how to open the overhead compartment while tripping on the overweight business man I'm sharing a seat with? That's ME!!!!!. Oh Oh...there it is! I'm starting to get excited about travelling again. I'm going to send postcards home to all my little fraggles!!!!!!


Hey, It's Ansley said...

One of the best things about traveling for work is that the smoothie from "The Grovestand" is expensable!!!

Is this your first flight with your iPod? It makes a huge difference. While walking around the airport with mine, I felt like I was in my own movie with a great soundtrack.

Tamara said...

from fraggles to flying.

see. that's why i love your blog, NB.

Sara McOllie said...

I love airports, except when a scary guy keeps looking at me and then I discover he is on my flight sitting a few rows up. Then it is just creepy.

Synergy said...

I hated Red. Don't know why, since she was supposed to be the caring one. Oh well. Have fun out east! Maybe I will see you at the airport, or have you on a flight. I would so give you the whole can of diet coke. Fly Safe!

Bob said...

I love Fraggle Rock!

Long Live Fraggle Rock!


Maren said...

I think the fraggle rock theme song has been stuck in my head more times than any other song in the entire world. I even include the double clap. Yep. That's what completes a good show - a good theme song.

Sara McOllie said...

It is sad really, because good theme songs are a dying breed. Commercials having eaten into the number of minutes tv shows have to tell their stories so they opt out of a good theme song for more story time.

Adam said...

Why is it that I get the "Moving Right Along" song from the Muppet Movie instead of the Fraggle Rock Theme song. "Down in Fraggle Rock" /clap /clap

So hard.... must.. resist..... putting.... another WoW... reference in your blog.

When are we getting pictures from out east? Please don't say we have to wait until you get back next week!

Tandy Online said...

I loved fraggle rock too. good ol' memories :)