Monday, July 03, 2006

I reached level 60!!!!

OK, that was a lie to suck in all the WOW afficiandaoiasdfoin (I can't spell that foreignish word). Although I am not a level 60 elfdwarfprincess on WOW (YET), I have reached a new blog level....MY GRANDMA READS MY BLOG!!!! Welcome Grandma.

When I was in highschool, my grandma played the organ for sacrament meeting in our ward in South Carolina. She was a crusader of speed...constantly trying to get things moving on some of the more funeral dirge-like hymns. You'd think you were going to die from the slowness of "Come Come Ye Saints" and the next thing you know, the organ would step up to the plate and get us going at like 150 MPH. No toil nor labor fear...Grandma Daley is here! And so we gave her a superhero name equivalent to her stature in our Greenville III ward society. SPEEDY G...(speedy grandma in case you couldn't figure it out). I don't think she knew that we dubbed her that...but I think it's appropos now that she's reading the blog to share the glory that is my grandma. Most Grandma's are knitting crap and watching Lawrence Welk, and while I don't know much about her Laurence Welk habits, I can tell you that my grandma ain't knittin' NOTHIN'. She and Ralph (her second husband affectionately also known as Ralph, the Southern Baptist) are off to see the world, kicking it tech style and reading my little ole' blog.

I've always admired my Grandma Daley. She is intelligent and literary and stylish. And fast. Speedy. She had a laptop before anyone else and I think she had the first digital camera. May you all enjoy a Speedy G experience in your life!


Sara McOllie said...

For an indication how hip my grandma is: when I was in high school I used to borrow my grandma's clothes. In college I would bring friends down to visit and they would remark that her house was not what they expected when I said "grandma" as there were no doilies or afghan blankets, etc. When I mentioned this to my grandma, or "OJ" as we call her (her birth name is Olive Jean) she must have thought it was a slight because she was quick to point out that she had an afghan. I tried to explain that the artisan woven alpaca wool and some other exotic wool blanket did not count.

Tamara said...

My grandfather isn't hip. But he's had both hips replaced. Does that count?

Adam said...

Grats on 60! Oh wait... you sucker'd me! And then I went on and read the entire post in hopes that there would be more WoW. Oh well. The only cool grandma story I have is from when she and my grandfather were newly married, and she got an AWESOME deal on 4 new automobile tires. The only catch was they didn't own a car at that time. Now we can all see why my dad and all us kids have spending issues.