Monday, November 05, 2007

There's Something About William

I just needed you to know that this child exists in the world. His name is william. I contend that he is the korean equivalent of Jonathan Lipnicki pre- tweeness. I rediscovered this picture and realized that I had never made him the star of my blog that he was meant to be. This is dedicated to d'anniel and d'arcy.


D'Arcy said...

Oh William!!!! Words cannot express the feelings of insurmountable joy that floods me when I see those little glasses! The good times William had at Sha Sha shall not soon be forgotten! Remember when he got all sad on the closing night play and almost cried his lines "I am superman, I fly high!"

Yes, William, you do.

Dann said...

I still can't believe that you and I kept a straight face when you were teaching that lesson about insects and William raised his hand, stood abruptly up to his 3-foot stature, and proudly proclaimed some comment in Korean. That's my mini-man.

I can't wait until he's CEO of Samsung and we still have all these pictures of him as a kid.

SummerChild said...

i think i want to eat him up right now. I will be disappointed if 1) I don't have asian kids and 2) if they don't have bad eyesight so they can wear adorable glasses.