Monday, April 14, 2008

All the Sea Monkeys (TM) are dead

That's right. I killed all the sea monkeys (TM) that were supposed to be the pinnacle of our unit on Life Cycles. They were meant to hatch, flourish, procreate and wear little sea monkey outfits to the little sea monkey mall demonstrating to 16 curious first graders the miracle of life. But I didn't pump any oxygen into their little pink castle tank and now instead of a thriving urban metropolis, it is an underwater mass sea monkey graveyard. When the kids shake it, all the limp lifeless bodies of our class pets float to the top giving the illusion of activity and spirit. But like a snowglobe, it's revealed as a cruel cruel illusionary trick when the murky water settles.

If this is any indication of my future parenting skills, perhaps it is better that I'm single and fruitless.

Sea Monkeys RIP 2008.


Carmen said...

Hurray for parenting other peoples children....but not killing them if possible.

I got your garbled message. It sounded like this:

Maren Andoeru ds fksduaoein aidufosd asodiufoasiduf! It's KaRyn! sdlfalkjalsdjfks.

So Love Ya!
Maybe email?

Marie said...

It is impossible to kill sea monkeys. I know, because I tried (I couldn't bear to flush them alive, so I opted for slow starvation followed by flushing.) Just wait a week or two. There's a tiny breeding pair in there somewhere. They will grow strong, feasting upon the corpses of their dead and soon will multiply and replenish their pink castle.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

It's got to be harder to kill children than something you buy in the back of the Archie comic. And sadly, this is all part of the circle of life. Sing a little Lion King or something.

lenalou said...

Children at least cry when they need something. It's helpful -- like a built in smoke alarm or something.