Thursday, June 04, 2009

Celebrity Look Alikes (part 2)

Every Aunt thinks her nephews and nieces are the cutest. But can every Aunt say that her 14 month old nephew looks like Bill Murray? I think not. And that's what makes this edition of celebrity look-a-like so magical. Take a look at the amazing Bill Murray Baby.

and this one just because HOW CUTE IS THIS BABY!???AND HOW CUTE IS THIS BILL MURRAY?!!???
The best part is that every time I call him Bill Murray, his brother (4 years old) yells, "HE IS NOT BILL MURRAY!"


Marianne & Clayton said...

I didn't really see it until the third picture. But totally! And I harbor a secret old-man crush on Bill Murray. And Steve Martin. More Steve Martin, but Bill is awfully cute.

jennifer said...

Glad you're back!