Friday, July 31, 2009

The Blog has gone out of me...

But I'm going to put my head down and power through. You see, I just can't seem to get excited about writing because most of the things I want to write about are now off limits. I'm back in America and that means that I can't post cute pictures of adorable children whose parents don't speak enough english to find me. Here in America, that's creepy. I can't post about my new job at a trade association for scientists which starts next Tuesday. That's unprofessional. I can't post about my current pre-boyfriend aka SmartBoy(who is DREAMY and WONDERFUL and HILARIOUS and ADORABLE). That's relationship suicide. And I can't very well write about the joys of Diet Coke now that I'm off the caffeinated version and what's left is NOTHING to sing about. That's lame. So what's a girl supposed to write about???

I guess I could write about how I live in Washington DC now. I moved here over the 4th of July weekend in the go-cart packed to the hilt with my stuff which has been sadly reduced to a pre-adolescent proportions due to my NON STOP NEVER ENDING wanderlust. I could write about how the road trip was one of the most memorable of my life, not because I got pulled over and given a $140 ticket in Indiana for speeding...and certainly not because of the $59 a night motel that I stayed in which had a shower cap AND makeup remover in the toiletries (better than the W, right KA?)
but probably because we spent 2 hours at a crackerbarrel in ohio just because we could.
I guess I could also write about how I've had so many Korea reunions that it isn't even funny... (that's Rpotter who graciously agreed to meet with me even though she was now a movie star)
(this is me and alissa, reunited in the only place that was big enough for me, her and her massive bucket of cheezeballs...TARGET!) (those are lady willoughby's floral pants and her camera)
(this is of my students...this is his aunt and H Mart in Annandale, VA which could double for seoul if it smelled a little bit more like pig parts and had more old men spitting in the streets)

I guess I could write about how I'm sampling the local fare and trying to remain a dedicated WW accolyte even in the face of BEN's CHILI BOWL (I've now eaten at more than two DC establishments where President Obama's one time visit has sparked a media and customer frenzy. I'm surprised they haven't framed his used napkins right next to the zagat rating on the door)

(sorry SB, this picture proves two things: We really were at Ben's and you really CAN fall asleep anywhere!)

I guess I could write about how AWESOME america nice it is to be home and how much fun I'm having. Well, now that I have a job, a bed and airconditioning. Ok, so I guess I have some things to write about. xoxoxo NB


Brielle said...

Yeah, Indiana is the worst. By the way my sister-in-law lives in DC. She always laughs about the Obama frenzy too.

Krisanne said...

you look skinnier than sin. that's all i'm saying. america has done good by you.

lenalou said...

Glad to have you and your blog back!

Marie said...

If I can manage to barf up something onto my blog every couple of weeks in the midst of my hermitude, then you, living life in FF should have plenty to offer (even minus job talk, boy talk, and child-stalking talk).

I would be much obliged if you would blog about DC single LDS men in the near future. The latest chatter is that they are abundant, accomplished, and married to their ambition. I would like to know if this analysis is accurate-ish.

So have you decided on grad school? If so, where?

MB said...

YAY! I'm VERY glad you are a.) Back in the USA b.) in DC!! c.) doing well with job/life/boy/apt.

I hope you are doing great and, please hang with us soon!

Krisanne said...

also, i'm totally digging j's barack obama t-shirt.