Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Breaking Up with Work

I'm moving to Provo UT to attend BYU. There. I said it. I haven't been able to tell you this until now - not because of embarrassment (harrrumph!) but because I hadn't told work yet and I didn't want it discovered by an unassuming co-worker who was trying to find my rad youtube video of me flaring my nostrils to jingle bells. But today the deed is done. Work knows and so everyone can know.

I'm very excited and will tell you much much more than you ever wanted to know about my new life in Happy Valley.

I have things to say about:
my program (mass communications. That's like talking....to a LOT of people)

my social plans (the cougar cougar project begins September ONE. Know any 21 year olds looking for a sugar momma?)

my new digs (any chance that you know of a cool loft-ish one bedroom in a place that was basically BARFED into existence in 1962?)

my new geography (well not really that new...remember that whole Salt Lake thing? I mean, how DIFFERENT can Provo and SLC be???!!! she asks innocently.)

my impending move (mom is coming. Buying a roof rack for Ray. Trying to reconcile the thought of YET another cross country, shove it all in the back of my- car experience.)

my impending reconciliation with my STUFF that has been in storage for three years (dishes! BOOKS! paintings! chairs!)

my new crush.

You say you want a Stadium of Fire???????? Coming soon, provo...coming soon.


Marianne & Clayton said...

If you want to stop in Michigan cause it's totally not out of the way, we would put you up in style baby!

But hooray for school! Very excited for you! Stick to housing down by Bicentenial park. The wards there are a little more sophisticated if you get my drift.

Jennifer Evans said...

Provo is very different from Salt Lake, I'm sorry to say....

MB said...

You are hilarious. And, we will eventually be going to SLC to see Jordan's family. So, shall we see you then? I would love to see you and see how your fabulous life is going! Sadly, I DO know 21 year old boys who are looking for a sugar momma. But, alas, none are good enough for you, my dear.

luminainfinite said...

BYU!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT. You just are. I wish I had gone there in my self-assured thirties instead of my early 20s. I'm so excited for you. Please blog a lot so I can live your awesome life vicariously through you. I love you!