Monday, April 23, 2012

The man, The myth, The Legend

Two posts in one day, you say?  YES YES YES because tonight I'm looking at this picture from the wedding and my heart is doing cartwheels while it sings a little made up song that goes, I MARRIED THIS MAN!!!!!lalalalalalala!!!!

I realized that so many of you who have read my blog in the past know nothing about this guy and at the risk of making him uncomfortable (because he's not really into broadcasting things, anything, ever) I think  it's time to tell you a thing or two about my heartsong inducing husband....

Though it was his tattoo that made me first pay attention, its his heart that keeps me captivated.   He is humble and willing to bend but strong enough to lift me (literally) without breaking.  He stares down the world with a breathtaking optimism that equal parts makes me want to karate chop him and helps me perceive the universe with a little more vision.  He is the opposite of me in so many ways...quiet where I am loud, private where I am public, athletic where I am bookish, careful where I am messy...and yet our differences are somehow possible. 

I fell in love with him as a Dad - I saw that he was capable and willing to sacrafice himself in the pursuit of his children's wellbeing. And he plays with his kids...he gets down on the floor and rolls around and doesn't worry about the time.  He is genuinely interested in their little and big thoughts and dreams.

 I feel safe with him and know that when we go to India, he'll be the one guiding my elbow through the streets away from trouble while I'm overwhelmed with the beauty and sadness of the universal life experience.  But he's also adventurous and spontaneous without maps or plans.  He's teaching me how to sort through my brain in ways that I didn't know I could.  And he's funny- like pee-my-pants funny.  He works so hard to make everything work - our relationship, our family, our house, our spirits.   Double shifts are like candy to this man who would rather be in school, but who took semesters off so I could finish (ha) my thesis.  I feel grateful for his love for God and that  I can trust his fidelity completely.  Ah yes.  I just feel grateful tonight.  After 34 years, my heart has found a home that will grow with me.


Marianne & Clayton said...


Misty said...

I'm super glad you wrote this because, I don't know the guy. And I was SURE hoping that he was awesome. So, nice ta meet ya Justin!

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