Monday, May 22, 2006

The Enchanted Calling

I'm now in the Relief Society Presidency in my ward. I think I got the calling because one day after the President emeritus (who is a good friend of mine) announced that the presidency had ONCE AGAIN fasted and prayed and gone to the temple for the sisters in the ward, I told her that I hoped I was never in the RS presidency because I could never fast that much...
And here I am. Let the fasting begin (OHHOHOHHH! I just realized that this can only help my weight watchers!!! there is a god!) I'm the second counselor over Enrichment which is also known as "The Enchanted Calling" because the last two 2nd counselors got engaged while in the calling. Enchanting.

Now, if I am indeed enchanted by this calling, I've decided to take this as YET another reason why I SHOULD go to Australia to meet Adam of Adelaide, my latest and greatest internet boyfriend. I've been in lalalalalalala land ever since we started talking and at the risk of sounding crazy, I'm crazy about someone 26,768 kilometers (see I've already converted to's official) away. I actually have no idea how far away australia is as I only just learned to locate it on the map about 3 weeks ago, but A is very patient and doesn't mind answering questions like "Do you know Crocodile Dundee?" and "Are there birds in Australia? Because I'm a birdwatcher"

At any rate, I am going to australia soon to check out my foreign destiny. I know you'll think I"m crazy, but luckily, this time I don't really care. Adam is honest, brave, true (wait, do they HAVE boyscouts in australia?) oh forget it...I can't capture him here in this blog. He's got an accent. That should be enough for you to understand. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Ninny, you can have an Australian boyfriend and I will be happy for you, but please don't start saying "Crikey!"


Mike said...

Ah, most Australians don't really even say crikey. Australia is great, but... Adelaide? Come on, couldn't you have found a guy in St. Kilda?