Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Truth

What I miss about the Mother Land:

1. Going to Maren's house and drinking all of her Diet Coke (before she went through that "Diet Rite" and "Fruity Crappy Diet Dr. Pepper" phase...really Maren, was it any better than the brown goodness of the true drink?)

2. Going to Liz's house and eating all of her cheese and chocolate cake. That's cheese. and cake. not cheese cake although that would have been nice too.

3. Going to Maren's with Aliah when Maren is in Texas and Drinking all of her Diet Coke while convincing Puddles that he is not Maren's REAL child.

4. Staying home with Crystal and spying on the neighbors and watching Arrested Development when we are supposed to be sleeping.

5. My family.

6. Taco salad shells and real ranch dressing.

7. Jeff stopping by my work and dancing in the street in front of the Governor's Mansion.

8. walking barefoot in grass.

9. Going to Target on a Friday night and being able to try on clothes that don't cut off your circulation because the arm holes are made for women who drink Corn Water.

10. Singing loudly in my car. Crying in my car. Praying out loud in my car. Driving by myself in my car. Really any kind of transportation not of the mass kind...

11. Fountain sodypop and large candy aisles.

12. Relief Society in the Ensign 7th Ward and the Gatherings

13. Lava Hot Springs and my girls. Hell. I don't think it will ever be that kind of good again.

What I am grateful for in KOREA:

1. Shrimp with eyeballs sink to the bottom of my soup bowl making it easier to eat the top of the soup without restraint.

2. City energy.

3. Opportunities to share the gospel without having to do SLC damage control.

4. Survival Korean Text Book and Very Cool Language Exchange partners/friends (majayo.)

5. I am surrounded by more children that I ever thought possible and I love them more than I thought possible.

6.Cleaning a 100 square foot cubicle/apartment takes one hour instead of one day and having a shower/bathroom takes multitasking to a whole new level....

7. There is a temple 4 subway stops away!

8. It's ok to wear whatever you want. NOt so sure that those pants match that shirt? NO worries! Wear it anyway. And throw in those shoes that don't go with anything're in Korea!

9. Constant grist for the mill of my soul.

10. People! People! People! thrown together by circumstance and choosing to love.


Tamara said...

OOH! When will you come back for a visit to bring all your Korea cool to us?? :)

chloe elizabeth said...

So, I just happened upon your blog...but I really like it. Love the list. Such a good idea...especially for those moments when you are really missing the states.

Sarita said...

If it is any consolation, I am back in the ward and enjoying the Ensign 7th RS for you. And missing you as well. I mean it's great, but still not quite the same.

marshall p said...

I already do #8! you should see what I am wearing right now! I love to dress all crazy!