Monday, February 18, 2008

Shall We Game?

DVD bang. Noraebang. Boardgame bang. Korea has no shortage of bangs...(bang is Korean for room)...since everyone lives with their parents until they get married, wild Korean youth are forced into these "parlors" where they sing, game and if it's a DVD bang, makeout on a crusty used couch with some Chris Tucker movie playing in the background. Not that I would know about that one. But the next few pictures are documentation of my foray into the world of boardgamebangs. Let us make you fun.

Ok, I didn't have the heart to tell them that my attention span for board games is about the same as for a chris tucker movie when there's a man and a crusty couch available. It was fun anyway.

The winners circle! Look mom! I won the dongdaemun!


Sara said...

Completely unrelated: I am loving your haircut and haircolor! Spunky like you.

Tamara said...

um... that's the comment i wanted to make! and i thought, "this is so silly of me."
Thanks for leading the way Sara.

Ninny B -- I LOVE it!! Love you!!

SummerChild said...

1) you look great.

2) there is a bar here in nyc that I really like because it really is like someone's giant basement with pool tables, scrabble, and all sorts of fun things. It is a bang.