Wednesday, March 05, 2008

School Daze

Here's a robot for you.

It's the first week of the new school year. Korea does it a bit differently but not unpleasantly. We start in March just as spring is starting to rev up and I kind of dig it for the obvious reason...everything dies in Winter including my motivation to teach small children and Spring brings with it new students (which bring the possibility of new weird ticks and stories), new books (which bring the possibility of cracked spines and feeling of a year well done when they fall apart) and new energy. I'm starting to get excited about the next year of my life which seemed a near impossible feat just a few short days's a brief update of life events:

I spent a full day at immigration last Friday, breathing other people's air and hating on Korea and the leap year (ask me if you want to know the full story). I picked up our new teacher/friend Krisanne from the airport Sunday night with little to NO trauma (evidently, the gods think that i have had enough airport adventures to last a lifetime). I discovered Monday that I have bronchitis (not TB or whooping cough as previously self-diagnosed) and acquired medication that appears to be working HALLELUJAH! I've decided to apply to business school (as counter-intuitive as that sounds) so that I can make my dreams about Sixteen Stones a reality. AND I signed another year more year in Korea, friends. That's 12 more months of wonky pictures of konglish signs, pathetic stories of miscommunication mayhem, and jonesing for baked cheetos and chili dogs. Tada!!!

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