Sunday, March 16, 2008

Enjoy the Silence

I'm writing this melancholy post to the crappy "This thing is about to crash" whirling sounds of the korean university computer in my officetel.

Yesterday, in what can only be called a true disaster, I lost my ipod, my laptop and my external harddrive in one fell swoop. A friend was carrying the aforementioned electronics along with his $1,000 camera in his backpack on the way to a party where I would be providing the music. He left the backpack in the front seat of the taxi.

All my music. All my poems. All my song lyrics. All my pictures. gone.

We've put out an APB (I don't even know what that stands for) to the police stations, cab companies and foreigner services, but for now, my life is as quiet as a life can be without a past and without itunes.

If you know me well you will understand when I tell you that I cried for a moment, threw a churro across the room and then shrugged my shoulders and got my guitar ready for a performance at the party. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that we lose things so that we can make room for something new. I believe in the goodness of friends to help me replace memories and music. I'll let you know when the time has come to rebuild.

In the meantime, shoot a little prayer up to the Big Guy if you will. He knows the taxi driver's name. He knows where I am and he knows where my harddrive is and he can make the two converge if we send out enough faith vibes.



Anonymous said...

prayers are being said on your behalf in Beaverton, Oregon today. :) Love ya! Think about you often!
~Rachel W.

Sara said...

APB - All Points Bulletin.

Faith vibe coming your way from P-Town.

Marie said...

This just makes me ache. I know it feels to lose your entire digital life and....oh....ACHE.

I don't have much clout with the Man, but I'll offer what I can. Good luck.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Sad, sad, sad. But I think you are right. You will either experience the miracle of their return or the even greater miracle of how much your friends love you and want to help you fill the void. Let me know and I'll send you CDs.

Dann said...

I'm just waiting for the day my own computer crashes or my beloved MP3 player is craftily swiped from my pocket. I don't cry much, but that will be a day of serious mourning. Hopefully I can buck up and shrug my shoulders like you.

It's so true: everything really does happen for a reason.