Monday, February 16, 2009

The Trouble With iPods: A Retrospective

Little Miss: First generation shuffle. Mostly dance music from Arthur Anchors, the youngest brother of my best friend, Liz. Dipped in soapy washing machine water in the sketchy basement laundry room of The Covey Apartments. Evidently, the can-do attitude of the building's namesake washed off on Little Miss. She survived with aplomb, only to meet her demise a few months later in some sort of lame computer USB mishap. It was time to give up the ghost anyway as the new shuffle was hot on her heels. RIP 2006.

International iPod: 20 gig refurbished old school brick. Acquired in Oregon during the Thanksgiving of 2006 in anticipation of upcoming travels. Became a happy companion to the monster suitcase and 12 hour flight. Most noteable characteristic: Quick adaptation to new and strange environments. Greatest Weakness: Co-dependent (re: sick) relationship with my IBM laptop...when the laptop ran off with a taxi driver, this pathetic hanger-on-er went right along with her. Lame. Last Seen: March 2008

Teeny Tiny: 2 Gig silver shuffle. A gift from my laptop patron. Asexual (like morrissey)/androgynous (like Michael Jackson). Generally loyal except for the 3 months it went missing. Loves to run as evidenced by the fact that it was hiding in the toe of my running shoes (don't judge me). Especially fond of USE (United States of Electronica) and Lykke Li. Gets a little weird when you try to listen to Aha! songs. I can understand. Currently resting in its little dock.

Not Quite Right: 1 Gig turqouise Shuffle. bought as a replacement for Teeny Tiny during the three month disappearance. Turns out, I don't really like turquoise electronics. Sold to a friend (who could give her the home and love she deserved) at the ressurgence of Teeny T. Whereabouts unknown.

Pretty Young Thing: 80 Gig newish iPod Classic. Acquired spring/summer of 2008. Introduced me to TV on demand. Faithfully served well during long bus rides, annoying work days in a communal office, escapism on the treadmill. Failed me finally this morning by choosing to remain on the 5500-1 bus long after I had disembarked. I remain Cauptimistic (cautiously optimistic) for a return as Korea is known for it's surprising returns. But should she decide to go the way of most of my other electronics, I will refrain from passing judgement. It is obvious now that I am not meant to hold on to, care about or spend money on anything smaller than a frying pan if I am not willing or able to sotter chains to it and myself.

I'm scared to get an iPhone when I get home. It might bring with it the apocolypse. Seriously, when will the iSorrow end?


Hey, It's Ansley said...

You should get an iPhone and build an app that makes it alarm when you get more than 10 feet away from it. You would then make millions and never use your iPhone.

Marianne & Clayton said...

I like to think that you are just spreading your genius-musical-taste with the world. Some scummy person finds your precious i-product. Takes it for his or her own and listens to it. Listens to it some more, and more and more. Revels in the magic that are your play-lists and becomes a better person. Starts smiling at strangers, holds doors open for the elderly, puts their gum in the trash... He or she gets a legit job, volunteers at a charity and starts buying Shuffles for kids in orphanages. Shuffles that are now filled with copies of your life-affirming play-lists. Kids go on to become engaging, artistic, extra-productive members of society. All because of you.

Or they are sold for crack money on e-bay. But I like the first story better.

mistyb said...

I'm actually thrilled and a bit scared that I understood "Cauptimistic". My mind read it and said,"she's cautious about her optimism". Yep. Excellent word.

heather smith said...

DO it.

MAC the planet!

Anonymous said...

I am anxious about not having *enough* back up iPods on my upcoming trip. And I think this has something to do with love.
So, I have had the big rectangular one for a while, like since I was married. AND the warranty on it has proven invaluable. (I have traded for newer ones five times! Last time they said that was it - no more warranty.)
So I am taking old somewhat faithful. Yeah, take that *somewhat* for what you can from a girl like me.
And I am taking a newer shuffle, my aqua blue inscribed with "Amor Vindit Omnia" as a backup.
Why did I get an inscription on it? Perhaps so I would remember that love is more important than the next hot guy on a bike.. As I said, the old somewhat faithful iPod has been around since I was married. Trying to learn from some of my mistakes I guess.
Anyways, checking out your blog has brought out a whole wave of emotions and emoticons to go with it. I will spare you them, for now.
Emotional iPod!
Much love,
Bonnie Sue