Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fair Warning


My friend Robyn recorded this bit of my concert...it's the first time in my entire life of guitaring that I have felt completely and utterly comfortable performing in front of people. Not a nerve in sight...Seriously, this is a major win on the battle of stage fright which has made performance a necessary evil. This time it was decidedly joyful!

What made the difference, you ask? I've narrowed it down to three possibilities: 1) I was surrounded by people I love. 2) I was wearing my sparkly kimono diva dress (designed and constructed by the one and only Jill Bowen) that has magical powers tucked into those massive dangling sleeves or 3) I has such a terrible experience blowing out a friend's $700 borrowed acousting amplifier just moments before showtime that I exhausted the mental receptors usually reserved for performance anxiety. I had nothing left to give the nerves after a solid ten minutes of swearing as smoke and fried electronic stench poured from that machine as if the wizard of oz was only moments away from cracking open the lid and leaping out. It was a disaster that only *I* am capable of orchestrating. Truly.

Now, was it any of the above three options? Who knows. I hope I can recapture it next time without needing to destroy things first.


Dainon. said...

Amazing. How can I procure an mp3 of this song? Do you have an album for sale? I love it, I do.

carrie said...

I love listening to you sing. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent! Ü

lenalou said...

Ninny Beth, I CAN'T WAIT for you to come back and hear you sing again in person. You look and sound gorgeous.

Ninny Beth said...

D- no album yet...just the demo on myspace.com/karynmusic. I think I'll be doing some recording in SLC when I get back in mid april. can we be friends in RL?

C- Miss you! HOpe NC is treating you well.

LL- two girls with double barrel nicknames have no choice but to sing together in america. can't wait to see you too!

D'Arcy said...

I listen to your songs all the time. I will forever feel special that I got you to play just for me. in a tiny room in Pusan, where I made you sleep on the floor.

You fly!

Jon Kirk McFerson said...

great job KaRyn. JON