Saturday, March 07, 2009

Oh, Seoul

Ok, so not only did I spell Seoul wrong in korean on the back of the invites that I handed out to EVERYONE, I just realized that I also wrote 2008 on them. Blah. So don't go to the concert last year, come to the one THIS YEAR!!! Who knew I could be so lame at making invitations? I think I was just so mesmerized by my own picture with the shifty eyes that I couldn't possibly concentrate. And now for some directions. Line up and more details coming soon.

Directions to Ewha & IEB:

Subway Line 2 (Green), Exit 3: Ewha Womans University

As you walk out of Exit 3 you will be next to a Teenie Weenie store (hey, I didn’t name it, I’m only stating facts, however bad they may be). Walk past the store and keep heading down the hill. (You’ll pass a Burger King, Starbucks, Cold Stone, Auntie Annies, and other such “Americana”.)

At the “end” of the street, keep walking straight and you will enter Ewha Womans University.

As you enter campus you will see a huge underground glass building on your right, a set of stairs leading up to an older brick building straight in front of you, and the Ewha Museum on your left. Take the sidewalk to the left, immediately after the museum.

Behind the museum you will see the tallest building on campus, the International Education Building (IEB) – this is your destination.

Enter the building, find the elevators to your left, and come to the 14th floor.

See you there.


Hey, It's Ansley said...

It's understandable. Your eyes are mesmerizing. Can't wait for your back in the US tour.

Ann Torrenc said...

I hope your re-union w/US tour includes SLC. Been enjoying your adventures, can't wait to see what you do next!

luminainfinite said...

14th floor. yeah baby!

me too! i can't wait for the US tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mistyb said...

I want to be there! (pouts) NOT FAIR!