Tuesday, March 02, 2010

If I was a drinker...

You can bet that I would be doing something a whole hell of a lot harder than a 24 oz of diet dr. pepper. This has been a week: I broke up. I blew out a tire. I had food poisoning. I accidently watched "My Life In Ruins" (seriously, why do I continue to ignore the metacritic ratings???)

I'm holding on by a thread. SO if you walk by my desk today and wonder why I'm not chirpily befriending you as you collect your coffee, take a minute to notice that I'm wiping my nose on the back of my sleeve and staring off into space and that might mean something is awry. Please just back away slowly and leave me to my desperately sad playlist. I'm pretty sure I'll figure this out and come to some profound conclusion about why I live the patterns and take the risks that I do. I'm sure that soon I'll be messing around like always. I'll figure out how to smile again. I always do. just not today.


Marianne & Clayton said...

Internet hugs galore! I am sorry, this is just sucky and I wish I could buy you a diet anything yummy drink and bring over awesome movies to distract your head. You are adorable and sassy and I love everything you write. This will make a great song one day, right? Crappy stupid silver linings.

Stella said...

I know, I ignored the ratings too and somehow spend money watching "My Life in Ruins"--why couldn't it be like My Big Fat Greek Wedding all over again? Why?!

I've been where you are. And I'll keep away from your desk today. I have no choice. Otherwise I'd be giving you a big hug and then we go and do shots of something a little stronger...like REGULAR DP.