Thursday, November 04, 2010

Home Office (no *&%icle)

Sometimes being a student is cool. like on fridays and wednesdays when I don't have class and I wake up at 9 and take a leisurely stroll to the gym and then get dressed around 11am. But sometimes, sometimes, I miss having a place to go to that is mine for working, namely an office. I've been reduced to using my bed as my office (I have a desk, but really, who would choose that over that glorious memory foam mattress?). I generally don't get ready for work, as evidenced by my bird hair and on occassion I end up falling asleep mid sentence. But I suppose it's not that much different than any of the other jobs I've had. I guess this looks kind of awkward?Currently KA also works from home and now at least I get to have a co-worker! She favors the little chair in the living room facing the front door with the DVD player as a coaster for her office.

At my actual school they have three computer stations in a closet designated as the graduate student office. There are books and papers in all the cubbys from like 10 years ago. I've threatened to decorate and clean it up during the thanksgiving break just so that we have something that seems kind of officey. This is a sickness.


Tamara said...

NB, your picture reminds me of what I look like in this very moment. Sitting in my "home office"/bed. It's awful. I hate it and so miss having a little office to use.
Let me know if you clean out those school computer stations. I'd love to live vicariously.

JonJon said...

Ninny, be careful. The following sentence might be sending the wrong message: "I've been reduced to using my bed as my office".

This also reminds me of when we came up with the idea of crotchless sweats for the lazy whore.

Also, I'm jealous that you two get to be coworkers yet again. sigh.

chris said...


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