Monday, November 01, 2010

Stairway to....HELL...a post halloween post

This is what I do every day.

By this point, I'm sweating and pulling my legs up one at a time with my hands in the manner of frankenstein. I am also dropping more than one F bomb (gasp!) and cursing the bar that separates me from the people moving up the stairwell more quickly than me. It's preventing me from subtley sweeping my leg out to the side to trip up the 19 year old biscuit who beat me to the top by taking the stairs two at a time. Bitch.
Ahh....sweet respite. I think I'll stop here and pretend to adjust my computer satchel and/or pantyhose which have fallen to my knees in the rigorous climb. Thank goodness there's no more....dun dun dun!!!!
Evidently, I'm not the only one with problems. Everytime I get to the top I see this:

Just in case I thought I was done...

Are you scared? My thighs are.


Robyn said...

you've got to have the best a** on campus with all that stair master stuff going on.

Ponce de Leon said...

One winter night when it was bitterly cold and icy I slipped and fell,hitting everyone of the RB steps on my bum. It certainly was faster, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Ugh! I hate those stairs. I used to have church in the Science bld, so I would take them once a week in heels. I hated winter with such a vengeance those years. So, my apologies and sympathies for the upcoming horrid weather.

(Not sure if parking near the Brick Oven and walking up that big ramp is any better. The bike people were always super obnoxious to the pedestrians.)

Mary Lampros said...

You had me laughing...I know exactly which stairs those are, and it kills me that you have more once you get to your destination!

MB said...

AUGHHHHH! I used to live on 800 N. in the Monticello (aka. Monti-getto) apts. Those stairs KICK MY BUTT!