Thursday, March 30, 2006

Virgo on the Cusp

It's true, I'm a virgo on the cusp of Leo and I just thought it was time to reveal myself according to the zodiac and prove that this is a science...a science, people.

"Here, there is an interesting blend of the introvert and the extrovert...a mix of the practical and earthy qualities afforded by Virgo coupled with the more intuitive and fiery traits of Leo. "
Yeah, I've always intuited that I was practical and earthy. In fact my nickname is fiery earth mother. Ok, not really, my only nickname is NinnyBeth, but, someone once called me a Mother Effer...that's kind of like earth mother, right?

"In their leisure time, Leo/Virgo individuals prefer to play in groups rather than going solo. It is less important to them that the exercise be interesting, so long as it is effective and social, and their perfectionism coupled with physical strength will make these cuspians strive to excel in whatever sport they choose. Within this cusp combination is found the passion and fire of Leo absorbed by the earthiness of Virgo and thus, turned to generative uses."
IM is obviously a SPORT and I choose it and therefore I excel. I'm also in the church choir (re: play in groups rather than going solo).

"Leo/Virgo cuspians possess the vitality and ambition to be successful in their endeavors and are industrious and efficient when working for a good cause. In addition, they are are practical, logical and immensely creative. They are also gregarious and social, being fun-loving souls who live life with much enthusiasm."
This describes me perfectly, I feel no need to elaborate nor justify. I just am.

"These subjects are in great sympathy with nature. In short, they are "children of the soil" and adore the sun and fresh air."
You can't make this stuff up. Please address me as "child of the soil" from henceforth.

"It is characteristic of these individuals not to reveal the truth about themselves or make grand displays of their real inner feelings until they attain their goals, whether such goals be social or professional. "
They must be talking about some other Virgo/Leo Cuspian....
"To some, this tendency is perceived as a peculiar blend of narcissism and masochism...a strange mixture of self-indulgence and punishment. "
OH, nope...there I AM!!!! (please see second GOOD point)

"when they are able to achieve emotional stability, Leo/Virgo subjects can be the most dependable and reliable of friends."
*WEEPING* who the bleep do these astrologists think they are, anyway?

"Unfortunately, emotional immaturity is apt to plague Leo/Virgo natives until they fully accept the challenges associated with attaining adulthood."
I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.

"They do have a tendency to exaggerate problems and overreact to stumbling blocks, but are generally positive people with an inherent pride and streak of stubborness which keeps them from giving up. These individuals have the ability to analyze and then take appropriate action. They are selective and discriminating, but are constantly and quickly moving. "
And we arrive at the end of this intriguing starry journey into the world of Ninny. Is it true? All of it. Can I overcome it? Maybe if I keep taking my meds.


Sara McOllie said...

I almost spit out my oatmeal when I saw your very adult "I'm rubber, you're glue...". I love that you have a cusp of anything. I am straight Aries all the way. We figured out onetime what my moon sign is once. I can't remember what it was since it wasn't Aries so it didn't really matter.:-)

Are the Fire signs the one's that are narcissistic?

lovestrong said...

As I am of the mother of the zodiac (cancer), I feel I must say that you dabbling in this astrological nonsense is just silly despite the fact that EVERYTHING I JUST READ WAS TOTALLY YOU! And it made me laugh s'much.