Friday, April 21, 2006

Pianicas and Dad Pants Make Easter Easter-y

THe following group of images tell the story of my easter. It was Megan's birthday last friday and we went to the pie where I proceeded to remember why I hate the Pie. I am not generally opposed to cheese (although my friend Paul...come to think of it, both friends Paul...would have me believe that it is the reason third world countries are oppressed) but that stupid place puts soooooo much cheese on the pizza that it gets all heavy and makes you want to die and/or scream ala French Kiss "LACTOSE INNNNNNNNNNNTOLERANNNNNNNCE!".

Oddly enough, I don't have any pictures of my cute sister. I'm really not very into using my camera in the moment. I guess I just wonder what exactly I'm going to do with all these pictures after I take them and load them onto my computer. I don't scrapbook (although a few of you may remember the faux scrappin' debaucle of 1995-1999) so it just seems kind of weird to have a million pictures of my life running around on my harddrive with no purpose other than the blog.

My little brother Bryan ( discovered my pianica which you might guess is a weird cross between a piano and a harmonica. It has a keyboard and is played by blowing air into a tube that looks like it belongs on the back of a dryer instead of an instrument. It makes this creepy sort of wailing noise that is just perfect for a guitar/ banjo/harmonica/penny whistle playing hipster like my brother. This particular pianica was a valentines gift from Liz when I was on my mission and it's signed by Matt Bevans of Jump, Little Children (my favorite pianica playing band other than the old 97's) so it has some serious sentimental value...After exclaiming that "the world has come to an end. There are no pianicas for sale on e-bay!" that kid brother of mine whined and begged, begged and whined until I finally offered to LEND it to him. His excitement was VERY short lived. Moments later, my Dad(see the man in the funny dad pants) squashed his dream by saying, "NO NO NO. He already annoys the crap out of us with that pennywhistle and banjo. No more weird instrumentation!"

I love my crazy/normal/funny family. It's good to know that you come from SOMEWHERE.

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paul said...

The Pie is a very, very bad place, peddling their overly cheesy pizzas to unsuspecting college students that think they're doing the right thing by buying local AND doing a body good when really they're just supporting the evil dairy industry which is more insidious than the tobacco industry due to the more subtle death that dairy brings.
As far as third world dairy oppression goes, most people in those countries are smart enough not to drink milk since they are incredibly lactose intolerant compared to us first world milksuckers.
The real irony is that it is our own milk lovin' people that are oppressed by the dairy industry due to their cheap (gov't subsidized) products that keep the poor from buying healthy alterna-food like tofu-rella and tofutti, not to mention delicious rice and soy milk! We even give poor people free cheese (gub-ment cheese)to enslave them into dairy addiction which will undoubtedly give them a poor complexion and eventually kill them.
A plague on the dairy industry!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Uh, that's quite the comment to have to follow...

My dad doesn't really wear funny pants but he does wear essentially the same outfit everyday just in different colors. Everyday it's corduroy pants and a turtleneck, a crewneck sweater if it's cold. He knows it, he laughs about it, which is good since I was laughing at him.

I love French Kiss, should I clarify I mean the movie...And that scene is hilarious. "Spasm! Spasm! Here it comes..."

I also love the one where she's on the phone and says, raising her fist in the air, "I will triumph!" and the Arc de Triomphe is in the background, gets me everytime.

I'm glad you got to keep your pianica, I was actually getting stressed during the story thinking it was going to end badly for the pianica. Whew!