Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tim Tam BAM!

Did you know that there are these cookies in Australia called Tim Tams? Did you know that people in Australia talk about them as though they are the equivalent of the ambrosia of the Gods? I finally got to try one and it WAS delightful. There is one problem that i can foresee with my new found love of Tim Tams...the caloric information is in metric. HOW WILL I EVER KNOW how many weight watchers points to count? I suppose if something is in metric we can just consider it "free", right? I asked adam to procure or invent some sort of converter for the metrically challenged. I don't do math and especially not for a cookie (I mean biscuit). Posted by Picasa


This is great stuff said...

K this reminds me of a stocker.........

Mike said...

Tim Tams are amazing biscuits, I miss them horribly.

Now, did your good friend Adam explain the Tim Tam slam? (If not, I don't know what kind of friend he is.)

Just in case he didn't:

now, getting the timing right so that you don't eat the tim tam too soon, but you also don't let it fall apart is challenging but well worth it.
Oh, and do not use a cold liquid. They say tea or any hot or cold liquid- but hot is best. Hot Milo is ideal, but if none is available any hot chocolate will do.

now that you know the wonder of the slam, I hope you have some Tim Tams left so that you can experience the most amazing chocolate experience in the universe.

Tamara said...

I'm glad the Australians have come up with a candy in honor of me. But who is this Tim?