Wednesday, June 14, 2006

FAQ's about Adam, Australia and the BYOIB benefit concert this saturday 6/17


What is the BYOIB Benefit Concert?
A benefit to benefit ME! I'm going to Australia and I need to raise money. It was either this or a cardboard sign outside of Temple Square.

Why are you going to Australia?
I'm going to Australia for a delightful adventure. Ok, I'm also going to see my internet boyfriend, Adam Bevan.

So you really are going to Australia, and you really are going just to meet a guy?
Yes, and well, yes. I got over being embarrassed about this whole thing a while ago. I mean, if you boys would have asked me out on one of those proper dates during one of our Sunday School dates, then maybe I wouldn't be driven into the arms of a foreign man on a completely different continent. As it is, I will gladly trade Matchbox 20 for Men at Work and Inxs (with or without michael hutchins, thank you) and I've never been outside the continental US. AND I'M OLD! don't you think it's about time?

Where in Australia does this Adam Bevan live?
Adelaide. It's in the southern middle of the country in a state called South Australia (no one ever said they were creative). It's a smallish city about the size of Salt Lake but with a lot more sass.

Does Adam have a hot Australian accent?
UH< OF COURSE! and he calls ME a foreigner!!!! isn't that adorable? He says things like "people mover" instead of van and "I'm going to chop you up and put you in the basement with the others" instead of "I think you're really cute."

OH MY GOODNESS...Will he really chop you up and put you in the basement?
I don't really know! But my theory is that the guy I meet at the Munch and Mingle could be an axe murderer too...a tie means NOTHING. I guess we'll see when I get to the shores of a completely strange country to meet a complete stranger. Don't worry, I've been running at the gym. I'm getting much faster.

What do you like about Adam?
oh sigh. Everything. Here is a short list of his very best qualities:
Funny, like laugh out loud, pee your pants, bantery funny
dramatic and silly (in a good funny good way)
tells stories!!!!!
brilliant in traditional and unconventional ways
spiritual AND committed to the gospel (I mean, he took himself to church from the age of 13, people!)
imperfect and willing to admit it
risk taker and poet and musician and individualist and vegetarian and hipster and people lover and believer and optimist and fighter and father and
OH OH.AND....he likes me!

Do you talk on the phone?
Every day! sometimes twice. Best part of the day.

What if you don't have any chemistry in person?????
Good question!!!! It's entirely possible. Luckily, I think I could have chemistry with a potato and adam is definitely much cooler than a potato. We are both aware that there could be no chemistry. It's a risk worth taking. And hello, did I mention the part about how I get to go to Australia?????

What are you wearing right now?
an eye patch and fishnets.


Falula said...

I love that you are doing a benefit concert for yourself KaRyn! I'm so ecited for you to go down under to meet your net bf. Could you find me one down there while youre at it???

Sara McOllie said...

As I was reading your email about your Australian, what should come on the radio, but another great Australia band, Midnight Oil. That's proof enough for me: you are destined to go to Australia and meet this guy.

Anonymous said...


More power to you. Have an awesome time! I will try to make the benefit on Saturday if'n I get back into town on time.