Friday, January 19, 2007


I have a special treat for you today...this picture was rediscovered during my moving preparations

I'm pretty sure that this is the picture that prompted the generational move AWAY from perms. Please notice the hair...please just gaze for one moment at the long brown-ness of the hair and imagine the work that went into that coif. My mother told me once that I never washed it and after rediscovering this picture, I might actually have to agree with her. Even after all that, I still never could acheive the true wall o' bangs that Nancy Jorgenson had. What I don't really understand is my lumberjack shirt and why I wore it on picture day...I must have thought it was pretty hot. And the blue glasses. Oh those blue glasses...funny thing? I picked up my new glasses from costco last night and they are RED!!! Ninny reliving her adolescence? Perhaps, but this time I'm determined to wash my hair more than every three weeks.

Oh, and here's another fun "scanned" diploma. No NO, I'm not in the habit of gazing lovingly at the stupid thing (in fact it's been in an envelope in the bottom of a filing cabinet for the 8 years I've been out of school and I'm surprised I knew where it was) but I did have to send it korea...and when I pulled it out of the protective dust covering I noticed something odd...

UMMMMM....Does anyone else think that this looks fake???? I mean, can't they at least give it some kind of gold foily stamp thingy? Nice diversionary tactics with the latin, but latin is'd think after $120,000, they could spring for a little metallic paint.


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh. What a treat! Yeah, all I am seeing is the glasses. I should find a good wall-o-bangs picture to show you too. My bangs were pretty impressive. Oh, the memories.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. This is a before-and-after to give all of us hope. You've got me beat on hair, but my glasses were far superior (i.e. uglier). It's funny how the only popular girls from that era whose names I remember are those who were primarily known for their spectacular bangs: Angela Birkenshaw and Megan Brunerer. I no longer admire the aesthetic effect, but I still have great respect for the craftsmanship involved.

As for the diploma -- I'm embarrassed. I forgot you were an Ivy Leaguer, and I apologize for my earlier slip-up on that point. Not being as well educated, I am thoroughly convinced and intimidated by the Latin. But if you want to add a little something yourself, you can use some of my gold leafing.

Sara McOllie said...

My little sister had amazing bangs. Her trick? Doing them the night before and training herself to sleep on her back. No joke.

What I love is that you have never noticed your diploma was in latin before.