Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You wouldn't understand...

It's a korea thing. Waterbottle Leiderhosen = near vomitous laughter on the KTX.

PS. more proof that I am a long haired girl...this is me with a hard earned lime for my erstwhile Diet Coke. What I didn't realize when this sentimental picture was taken was that I would soon forsake the drink that I have loved for so long. It was time. I was squirreling away coke zero bottles for the sabbath and waking up with the thought "where can I get a diet coke today?". I've been off the juice for over a week now and I'm feeling really good about it.

Pictures of the amazingly fabulous birthday party to come.


Marie said...

Ha! So does the mouse water bottle come with liederhosen? Or are the liederhosen just one of the optional outfits you can purchase for it (a la Barbie)? Can you get a mousey water bottle wearing a hanbok? Camo? Tutu?

This would really take off in the states for all those underprivileged kids whose folks won't let them get a dress-em-up pocket Chihuahua like Paris Hilton.

Your long hair is beautiful.

lucky 7 said...

KaRyn my long haired friend! No more Diet Coke? Me too actually, for two almost three weeks now!

I leave for Hawaii on the 26th of next month and love the idea of being half an ocean away... If you want to cmoe visit I live in a house five blocks from the beach, have a coconut tree in the back yard and a pool if sand happens to not be your thing.

My friend Sal is taking me to the beach the second I land. He even has a cruiser for you to use, that a buddy of his left behind, since I'm shipping out my cruiser. We'll be beach bike riding girls in the tropical sunshine.

Left-Handed said...

You, the lime, and long hair... what a beautiful picture!