Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sometimes white people in Korea make small children cry. This morning Lumina said hi to a little boy who was too cute to pass up and he started to run away screaming. His fear was only exacerbated when he fell in his haste to get away from the scary blue eyed lady

It reminded me of a time on my mission when I tried my usual "don't smile" reverse psychology trick with disasterous result. Just so you know, this trick almost always leaves ay normal grouchy 3 year old giggling...they love to be told NOT to do something as loveable as smiling...and they get the humor in it. I love it. This one particular time, I did it to a little girl that I had just met in West Virginia and the freaky child ran screaming and crying from the room. When the investigator mom went to find out what happened, we could hear the little girl screaming, "THAT LADY MADE ME MAD!!!!" oops. We never really taught them again.

That one abberation to a fail proof trick has come full circle here in Korea where all I have to do is look at a kid and they burst into tears. Honestly I"m probably the first caucasian they've ever seen. Ok. I get it. I'm scary. Funny.


Marie said...

I have a friend of Chinese ancestry and was often at her parents' house. Her aunt also lived with them and had this cute, round little baby who had rarely left the house (since the aunt spoke very little English). So I was one of very few caucasians the little girl had ever seen. Her eyes would get huge and she would fixate on me -- didn't smile, didn't cry -- just stared and stared. At first it was cute, then it got creepy.

I think you're right, though -- the freaky blue eyes are probably scream-worthy. Luckily mine are green :)

Tamara said...

West Virginia.

Makes sense to me!