Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why am I all nervous?

I'm singing tonight at a gallery show opening. I haven't sung in public since I've been here and my mini open mic at my birthday party doesn't really count because those are my friends and they are forced to appreciate the roughness of my unpolished performance. This is different. I'm singing jazz with a bassist and guitarist and there will be real people there. I haven't practiced the songs with the musicians I'll be playing with and I've had a headache all day.

My friend Angie recently took some Ambien to help her sleep and evidently called 6 people in the middle of the night in a drug induced stupor and sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to their voicemail. I don't know if I can get some ambien here, but that doesn't sound like a bad idea. At least I wouldn't have to REALLY remember it all the next day (and I would feel refreshed and relaxed in the morning!) Somehow I don't think the claritin that I've taken today will produce the desired brain melt. sigh. I hope I don't throw up.


lenalou said...

I also hope you didn't throw up, but bar that, I am confident that your audience enjoyed it, with or without a stoned Over the Rainbow performance. How did it go?

Angie said...

You can now hear all the songs I sang on my blog. They are hilarious. Ambien may work, but I am sure you will do wonderfully without it.

Marie said...

Yes -- we must know what happened! I hate cliffhangers.