Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stories I will tell my grandchildren

Once I lived in Seoul, Korea and I knew some girls named Grace and Lumina and we danced and posed and tried to contain our awesomeness but honestly it couldn't be contained...we were awesome. Once, I had to work on Thanksgiving Day (most americans living in Korea just let it slip by unnoticed) and I was really sad that no one recognized what a special holiday it was to we ordered a complete turkey dinner from the army base and invited a bunch of americans and one australian to feast together at Heather's House. It was one of the best thanksgivings I've ever had.

Once I learned the Tango, Cha Cha and Samba from a Korean model named Bruce Lee. Every saturday, after dance lessons, me and my gang, the "Do You Happy Club" went to eat moksal which means literally pig neck. We wrapped the spicy meat in kaenip(sesame leaves) with more peppers, kimchi and korean greens and shoved them in our mouths tirelessly as we laughed and learned languages and fell in love with korea and each other. We dined and dined until we were sick and happy and couldn't help but dance the cha cha in the street.

One fall, in Korea, I listened to a beautiful Chopin recital given by the mother of one of my students. After the music filled me with notes and poetry, we wandered in the crisp fall air and I discovered the most beautiful part of Korea: bare branches hung heavy with ripe fire globes of persimmon fruit against perfectly blue skies. With friends, this moment became a definining one.

Once, I taught a classroom of 6,5 and 4 year olds all about music and songwriting. We wrote a song and made guitars and kazoos from household items and then played them so loudly that the people who worked in the businesses next to us shut their doors until we were finished. I loved noise then.

Once I was a Korean Migrant farmer.

Once I lived in a place that didn't have 24 hour breakfast but luck struck on a friday night when we discovered Butterfinger Pancakes...Real eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and orange juice never tasted so good! We ate and ate and ate and thought we might order more just to keep us there until the restaurant closed at the old hour of 3am. We didn't, but I did lick the syrup from the plate. The End.


lovestrong said...

You sound happy....full of light. That's awesome.

Alie said...

Dear Korean Ninny-
Please come home.

Moonbird said...

You're so pretty.

Dann said...

Butterfinger pancakes! You found it!

Sarita said...

your hair is so so so long.

you are so so so cool.

korea is so so so lucky to have you.