Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wanna see something cool?

Here I am just thinking about doing something cool on the church floor. That something cool might be breakdancing. I think about that a lot.

Here I am attempting to execute the something cool that I was thinking about in the previous picture. Notice the way my cool breakdancing looks strikingly similar to falling down.
And here I am receiving help from someone because evidently doing something cool is not in the cards for me.
Luckily, everyone else that I hang out with at church here in korea is wayyyyy cooler than me. This is our group from singles conference nov2007. love love love love love.


HAW said...

I think acting is much over rated... whereas the act of thinking is a far superior enterprise. Nonetheless, it appears to me that the acting out of your thoughts was, if not a truly breathtaking form of breakdancing, at least an entertaining one.
And now, I have something to say about your previous entry. I am well aware that your intent was to raise some of the deep, philosophical and ethical dilemmas we face as foreigners here in Korea. And I applaud you for trying to come to terms with such predicaments. But as for me, my thinking focuses on more profound issues... those dealing with the Tree Top Troubles. Or, in my case, the Trouble I have with the Tree Tops.
It took me about 40 attempts to make it though the first level (oh, the bowls of boshintang -- puppy stew -- I could have made with all the carnage). But then I realized, it is not all my fault. I was dealing with too much cognitive dissonance. For instance, is no one else disturbed by the fact that a Chihuahua is attempting to collect acorns? I just don't get it. But of greater import are these two factors: First, the background "music" is terribly disturbing. A combination of "African" rhythms and "Amazon" bird/insect noises. We are, after all, supposed to be in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I'm sure my jumping abilities would advance at a much faster rate were I listening to some down home hillbilly bluegrass. And second, speaking of the Great Smoky Mountains, have you notice that mountain in the background looks a whole lot more like Mt. Fuji than anything you are ever going to find in the U.S.? This site is sponsored by National Geographic for goodness sake... get your geography right!!
Okay, I think I've vented enough for the time being. I just felt the need to justify my lack of gaming skills.

Moonbird said...


Anonymous said...

Aw Ninny, thanks for the post. I needed to laugh this morning. I hope all is well. I love you.


kaarina said...

my first thought:

man, ninny looks SO cute!!
look at her cute black & white stripey socks!!
and her darling orange shoes!!
SO SO cute.

meanwhile, i was laughing out loud in the byu computer lab...

and my second thought was:
wow. AWESOME that someone got the whole thing w/ a camera!!

luminainfinite said...

I got that whole thing with a camera! and all the other photos you see on kaRyn's blog... I am the photographer crediting myself as Photographers are wont to do eh?

amen to the cuteness, why do you think I take all these pictures of her?