Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jet Lag and Unmetered Consumerism don't mix.

I've been in the US for about 6 days now. I'm happily consuming, sleeping, consuming and sleeping. Here's a quantitative list of accomplishments since christmas day when I arrived:
$50 at Trader Joes
3+ hours of Television including 2 episodes of what not to wear and 4 episodes of silver spoons
4 pairs of Shoes
1 bag of baked cheetos consumed
1 bag of baked cheetos stowed for return to Korea
3 hours in Target clearance sale shopping.
3 movie theaters
2 trips Red Robin and 400 steak fries in my belly.
2 malls conquered
12 cherry diet cokes
6 lime diet cokes (PS. black cherry vanilla diet coke has ceased to exist in the 10 short months I've been gone. why?)
400 bubble gum bubbles
6 old navy undershirts
1 morning at the temple
10 crest whitestrips applied
2 hours of driving in a car with music
1 niece
1 nephew
2 fights with family that involved tears
3 best friends visited and loved
unmeasurable amounts of english english everywhere!

contented sigh. life is easy good when it's vacation in americation. I'm tired all the time because it's never the right bedtime. I'm a little bit afraid of how hard it might be to get on the plane next saturday. I never realized before how much I've stopped listening...when everything is in a foreign language you get pretty used to following non-verbal it's strange to be dumped back into a place where verbal clues matter. I stole a very cute boy's french fries at the airport because I wasn't listening to the number. I didn't remember to pick up my change from a $20 because the tab was $10 and we don't have anything higher than a 10 in Korea. I'm surprised at how much money tipping at a restaurant takes and how expensive popcorn is at the theaters here. I'm surprised at how little I care about eating "American" food. It's strange to be back where I am nothing special just because I have blond hair. I'm also a little surprised to remember how good it feels to be with my family, embroiled in their lives and part of the silliness that is us. A wonderfully surprising way to ring in 2008.


Long time reader, first time commenter said...

wow, wow, wait, I thought I was your only and favorite best friend???-Alie

The Tanuvasa Family said...

Hey! Tamara told me your blogspot address and I have had so much fun reading! It looks like you are having a lot of fun. Our blog is Good to catch up with you:) Season

SummerChild said...

KaRyn! welcome back to american soil! Happy Christmas and New Year! I wish i could see you on your trip to this side of the puddle, but this country is too big. You are special, and that is for sure.

Marie said...

I'm really sad I couldn't see you while you were here, but thank you for bringing me a tasty Korean treat -- I gobbled it right up!

It's nice to know you are standing on the same land mass that I am -- enjoy the rest of your Americation and next time, try to get a longer layover in SLC, okay? Merry Happy to you, Adventure Girl.

Adam said...

You know you don't HAVE to get back on the plane next Saturday. We're just saying, it's an option.

You talk about missing verbal clues here in Americawesome, makes me wonder how many you miss in Korea.

Moonbird said...

KaRyn, I'm also sad that it didn't work out to see you. What a series of bizarre events to happen.

This post is very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Usually that word is the safe word that can mean just about anything. And in this case, I really mean it. I like talking about cultural differences, cues, etc.

Tamara said...

honestly K, i just think you're absolutely brilliant. it's an ego boost for me to have you as a friend. :)