Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back on the Bus

So I've been home from my americation for a little over a week now. I realized that it was really over when I loaded myself back on the bus and sat for 1 1/2 in commuter traffic with the overwhelming smell of garlic wafting around me and then struggled to get my 3+ bags of luggage into a cab only to have the driver tell me he didn't know where my apartment was. No more driving to the place you are going and wheeling a cart full of familiar things right up to your car. No more talking to strangers and being able to say more than just, "how much is this?" and "yes, no, I don't know."

I was a little bit dejected until I rode up in the elevator to my school and heard the voice of one of my students screaming, "Who wants to drink the water?" ahhhhhh home. Oddly enough, it's these little people that made me happy to be back. I struggled a lot over the break with sleepless nights dedicated to how to make coming home a year early feasible. Maybe it's like being on a mission...you don't go home because coming back is harder. Well I did it anyway, and now that I'm back, I'll stay in Korea for another year. But that's it. One more year. Korea is not for the faint of heart. But I am not faint of heart so there.


SummerChild said...

You, my dear, are certainly not faint of heart.

Tamara said...

i can totally relate. but goodness. i, for one, love the stories, the grit, and the faith you share from your adventures there. thank you! and thank goodness for your risks!