Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whys Everybody Got To Run?

Today I counted approximately 8 women doing it and that was just on my way to work. If there is one thing that drives me over the edge of culture shock induced anger it is this: Korean women in impossibly high, pencil thin, overly ornate heels RUNNING with their hands up in the air. Running in the rain. Running in the snow. Running when it is obvious there is nowhere to go. (hey that rhymes!) Running to cross the street (when the light is still VERY green and will be for another 10 minutes). Running to get to Burger King. Clickety, Clickety, Clickety, Clack! Running, running, running and then...... oddly enough....... just stopping. That's right. There was somewhere really important she needed to be two seconds ago, but suddenly it's not that important. She can slow it down. Stroll a little. Wait, wait...she just remembered! RUN RUN RUN!

And the irony of it all? We get to the corner at the exact same time and cross the street at the exact same time and get onto the same bus at the exact same time. Are they running to stay warm? because after all, skinny = cold as al's mom always says. I don't know. I hope I never really figure it out.


Tamara said...


you make me smile!

Marie said...

Ha! Maybe they've gotten wind of the newborn American marathon fad and want to be ready to go when it breaks over Korea?

That's a great picture. Anyone who can sprint in heels is a superhero in my book!

Sara said...

That is fantastic!