Friday, June 13, 2008

Swiss Chocolate vs. phone bill

There's an international lovestory unfolding in front of me at school. It's reminding me a lot of my own hollywood-esque adventure almost two years ago. (whoa. can you believe that??? TWO YEARS!) Today, I came into the office to discover a package on my coworkers desk from switzerland, the land of her true love...I ran down the hall (imagine it in slow motion) waving the package over my head, screaming "K, it's here! It's here!" She opened the package in the middle of a class with interested school children gathered around breathlessly waiting to see if the rumor of chocolate was true. It was. Chocolate. Flight of the Conchords DVD. A handwritten letter. All the things necessary to win a girl's heart across oceans. Lovely. Lovely. Vicariously Lovely. Love.

I wandered back down the hall sighing. So good to see a good girl get what she deserves. As I meandered back to my desk ready to pound out a few more lesson plans, I thought, wouldn't it be great to discover that in my haste, I missed the equally exciting letter that was sitting on my desk? Well there was a letter, but it was from LG telecommunications telling me that I owe them 50,000 won for a phone that only rings when I don't want it to and rarely illicites excitement.

This is hot on the heels of a bizarre sort of "psuedo breakup" phone call that I got from one of my male friends recently in which he told me that he was getting married (excellent! it's about time) but that necessarily meant that our relationship was curtailed and thanks for the time that we've spent together, blah blah blah "I'm a different man because I knew you" and via con dios. I felt lame. Am I the kind of girl that you have to actually say that out loud to? We were HARDLY BFF and I've had lots of male friends get married and never once have I had to be friend dumped.

So that's the story this week, kids. The phone bill wins. It's my life at the moment. So if you want to call me, I have skype and I'll probably pay the bill at some point.

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Dainon. said...

There's been a lot of dumping over this way of late, but mostly love interest dumping. Having been friend dumped before, I can dutifully stand in your corner on that one and offer that it tends to smart a little more. I empathize with you. Whole-heartedly.