Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Funniest IM ever....

NB: I'm worried about you all alone walking in the nasty rain and with bad people all around spitting on the ground and making it slick with saliva. Are you home yet???

[11:03:57 AM] Chad Gooch says: Yeah, I made it. finally this morning at about 10am. I'd been out all night trying to find a way back home. First, I slipped on someone's saliva and fell into a puddle. Then while I was down, an old man who was slurping his teeth hawked up a big loogie right on my head. I tried to find a jimjilbang to dry off and lay my head for the night, but didn't have the money to pay for it, nor did I have enough to pay for a taxi home. Since I didnt' know where I was, and all the skinny legged chicks had all started to go in doors with there boyfriends to escape the pouring rain, I did't have much luck with finding anyone to help me with directions. So I found a broken discarded umbrella on the sidewalk and huddled under it, until someone was nice enough to throw me some change. It was enough to get me into a bath house, so I spent an hour searching for anyone that still might be on the streets asking, "Jimjilbang, jimjilbang." Finally, I happened upon one, only to find out that the word had gotten out around town that a some foreigner had stolen the keys to a jimjilbang shoe locker, so I was rejected. I found a bush to lay my head in until sunlight, when I was able to recognize some buildings and find my way home.

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Marie said...

Ha! Well, you did make it easier for him with your funny question.