Wednesday, July 02, 2008

China will have some blankets!

The art auction was Tuesday... and man, it was better than I expected! So smooth, so perfect...

The music was lovely...Samia and yantzi did four numbers that were rockers and then I did a few of my more upbeat pieces (Ordinary, Love Song and Oh Seoul). I was oddly calm which should indicate the gentle feeling of Buddah's and the crowd. I'm generally a shakey basket case the first time I play a place. Then on to the auction. Someone from Worldvision did a tiny schpiel (don't know how to spell that) and then we had a moment of know to honor those who've lost everything by thinking about what we have. It was a great start to the evening. Then the bidding was a little slow at first...the photos just weren't selling! Panic. Organizer panic... OH this the way the evening is going to go???? So on to some paintings and you won't believe it but the ones that I was sure would freeze the crowd were the ones that people went crazy for...the Vagina? 150,000 (I think)!!!!! Seriously.... there was even a tiny bidding war over it. Where are you going to hang that????

The people were fabulous. The paintings all sold. Anna's Last Supper of Oprah sold for 380,000!!!!! But the winner of the evening was the AMAZING dreaming of tree painting by my lovely friend Kelly that was more beautiful in real life. it went for 450,000 with some high rolling korean guy in the corner beating out Darryl (the owner of Buddah's Belly) in the end. Everyone clapped and cheered and there was ENERGY! So much beautiful energy. The crowd was intimate and instantly friends. Samia and Mike were perfect as the jokster auctioneers. DJ Anna is an absolute rock rock rock star. Darryl was understated and smiling. People were having fun, and best of all, we raised

DRUMROLL please.....

3.7 million!

Not our original goal, but who's really counting? Certainly not the children, friends and neighbors who will benefit from the generosity of these artists and art appreciators. I have some pics. I will post them when I have a spare moment.

Most of all I learned that I have the ability to follow through on a project that is self motivated. I have been worried about that with regards to India and Sixteen Stones. I can do this!


Hey, It's Ansley said...

Sounds like a fantastic night!

D'Arcy said...

I want to be at an auction, and have lots of money and keep my cool, but get that one painting!!!!

One day!