Monday, September 22, 2008

The Carter Family - Wildwood Flower

I know that on my LDS mission to West Virginia I was supposed to listen only to MoTab and classical music...but come on! When a pervy/sweet old man named grandpa G feeds you beans and cornbread and asks you to sing old country songs so he can teach you how to play the dulcimer in his tiny trailer home up the holler, you just do it. This song was one of the best gifts I brought home from my mission. I love me some bluegrass because of that old man. Bless your heart, Grandpa (and that nasty skirt chasing dog Penny, too).


Hey, It's Ansley said...

I miss your singing!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder of the great memories!! there's a reunion this weekend! sam

Dad said...

You never sang this stuff at home! Thar's alotta harmonies tha' we cudda done if'n Ah'd knowd ya wuz willin' ta sing stuff lahk this!

Love, Pa