Saturday, September 06, 2008

Miles Davis. Eggplant. Seoul Korea.

Saturday 8:44 pm.
lights dimmed over my kitchenette.
The smell of garlic simmering on my hotplate.
Miles Davis whispering in my ear.
I am cutting deep purple eggplant, yellowy green zuchini and red peppers into new shapes.
no one has called.
no one will call.
I wipe my hands on my apron, nibble the zuchini like a rabbit and start in on some onions.
listen to that horn line.
listen to that.
shake my head because I can.
Seoul Korea has a heartbeat tonight and it pulses in the light of my tiny apartment.
Supreme peaceful.
I am a whisper like miles.
air blowing through metal and tubes and subways and concrete.
can you feel me?
can you feel me there?
shake your head because you can.


D'Arcy said...

yep. because I can.

jennifer said...


Dainon. said...

Poets are my favorite kinds of thinkers. Thank you.