Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I remembered that I forgot

1. I forgot that I love but now I remember.

2. I forgot that when I was 14, I thought 31 year olds were old and freaky and not cool, but I recently remembered as I was at a movie with a smattering of tweens who were all pretending they didn't know who we were, even though we were the ones with their movie tickets and drivers licenses.

3. I forgot that I am an ENFP in meyers briggs land but when I finally remembered, it also jogged my memory of all my flaws. Which are many. (yeah, like I could forget that...especially since I remember that I'm also a virgo which reminds me that I'm doubly screwed...self-absorbed and highly aware of it. BLURG!)

4. I forgot (but my older brothers and their GI Joes certainly didn't) that I don't make very good bombing, helicopter and gun explosion sounds. Had I remembered this very important bit of information sooner, I may have avoided this very awkward and weird "sound effect" phase in which I am currently stuck. Has this ever happened to anyone else???? Like, instead of saying a word, I make a noise. Example. Someone says, "Hey, you're a totally and utterly self-absorbed, fruity ENFP, aren't you? I can tell by the way you whore for attention at any given moment!" to which I reply with a perfectly pitched, "DING!" and follow it up with a lower, more sophisticated "Merp." It's completely out of my control and the worst part is how I can't even seem to approximate a machine gun when necessary after all these years.

5. I also forgot, but now choose to remember that I can choose my life. That's more serious and lest I bore you with the depths of my mental pinings, just imagine that for years you thought everything you did was on some sort of string being manipulated by someone else and then you realize that there is a string, but you've got it in your hands. There's no puppet master, only a loving God who hands you a blank pad of paper before the show and says, "make it up. I'll make it work for your good if you love me." That's a really amazing reminder during times of transition.


Sara said...

I love the sound effects phase. It is rarely pleasant for me when I enter it. But I really love the Myers-Brigg test. I do. It is crazy really. I am a near opposite of you though as an INTJ.

And don't forget, every type has plenty of faults, but they also have lots and lots of great things about them too!

Saule Cogneur said...

1. Are you aware of It's another quirky but good one.

3. I'm and INTJ which means I'm good at what I do but that I suck at relationships. Not the best thing to reremember in the late hours of the night either.

4. Not being able to generate a sonorous machine gun sound is seriously going to hold you back in life. You'd better start practicing. Maybe you should buy some GI Joe's to recapture the correct mindset.

5. I often get more confused by where the string is being pulled than by who is pulling it. In engineering, there are two ways to deal with an object moving through space. Either you assume the object flows through stationary space or that space moves around a stationary object. For me, life is much easier to understand when I see myself as a the former; I'm always dizzy otherwise.

Tamara said...

i needed to read this for so many reasons.
and because i too am an ENFP, this comment is going to be about ME. :)
but i've been remembering similar things of importance lately and am so, so, so grateful you put it down in words.
i sometimes forget to trust myself and remember that i'm strong enough to make my own healthy choices.
and i would like to hear more of your mental pinings on this topic, so maybe shoot me an email or a gchat.
sounds as if we're going through some great similar times.

marshall p said...

1. I went through a sound effect phase. I only spoke in sound effects for about a year. It made work and relationships difficult.

2. ENFP, Pisces. YIKES!

3. I was going to say another thing, but I forgot.

4. sorry.