Sunday, November 02, 2008

I lied.

My life is not really all about the fiber. It's all about the A's.



AIR GUITAR by chad gooch.

And to reward you for looking at my self-absorbed halloween pictures, I will tell you a secret.

I'm coming home! I've decided not to renew my contract for next year. I'll be back in Americaville as of March/April 2009. I'm excited for the next chapter...but it's nights like this Friday that make it just a little bit harder to think about leaving. You better be getting ready for me, America. I hope you have lots and lots of air guitars.


Hey, It's Ansley said...

Oh I saw how you are. Act all boring, get us to admit we are, and then you laugh mockingly and tell us about your super-cool life.

Marie said...

I was thinking the same thing, Ansley.

Yay! She's coming back! So now beginneth the cutthroat campaign to get Ninny to settle in our city. Ansley's city has got great restuarants, funky music scene, lush vegetation, and a temperate climate. My city has got relatively little mildew, pyramid schemes, the Osmonds (well, most of them), and a production of Forever Plaid in every season of every theater.

Choose wisely....

Brielle said...

Hey KaRyn, you could come to Kokomo, IN! We have a couple dozen baptist churches AND a plasma donation center where you can make up to $240 a month! (I know because my husband works there)

Neu... said...

Hey Hey Karyn-

I was on Alie's blog checkin out the new adventures of the little ladies and wondered... what the heck is Karyn up to?... and to my surprise there you are dressed and ready to hang on the Las Vegas strip (sad but true, your costumes are a typical out there on that crazy strip). You look great!

I think no matter where you go you will naturally bring the party. You are so much fun!

Hope all is well.