Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Crush Is Born

Take note:

1. Smart Boy requests that I send him music.

2. Smart Boy then listens to every song, taking note of structure, possible connections between songs and why and how each song may have captured my ear/heart.

and as if that weren't enough to lay me out...

3. Smart Boy sends me a poem that includes the words, "my head exploded" to describe his listening experience. The poem has a RUBRIC (!!!!!) on how to unlock the layered meaning.

Excuse me, Smart Boy, but I'm pretty sure I'm the one with the exploding head.


lovestrong said...

Smart Boy definitely sounds pretty dreamy. Seems to me he should be the one with the crush: here's hoping.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

I sense a crush up in your future. Can I make it a noun?

ram said...

let's make Smartboy a verb! You just got smartboyed!!!

Jon McFerson said... appears that you are back in PA? when did you return? thanks for checking out my blog. i appreciate it. JON

The Red Pen said...

Can my head explode for you? Holy effing crap. I have to go look up Rubric now, otherwise I'd stay and say more imposing and excessively giddy things for/about you.

And when does Smartboy get to read about himself on your Smartblog?

The Dilapidated Boskercks said...

Ooh, ooh, tell us more!

Does he wear braces?

What's he do?

[Please tell us he gave up a cushy government job, to work with sock puppets.]

Does he chew with his mouth open?

Do you need help with research?

What's his SSN and birthdate?

Spill it!

Ninny Beth said...

Dear Adri-
Only time and stalking will tell.

Dear Ansley-
YES! YES! YES! a noun is in order!

Dear Ram-
I trust your creationing instincts. proceed.

Dear Jon-
Nope! still in Korea. PA came to visit ME!

Dear Red Pen-
email me.

dear Boskercks-
You had me at dilapidated and UN-alaska but I still like "the Cassion Song" better.
And of COURSE he plays with puppets. I wouldn't have a crush if it weren't so.


Marie said...

Ninny, such boys don't exist. I think this "person" might be some sort of post-traumatic post-Christmas I-can't-believe-Santa-doesn't-exist delusion.

And if he's not imaginary, stop blogging and start chasing.