Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Elixir of Love

We've found it! It's white, lowfat, warm and has the reminiscent flavor of texturally neutral tapioca fluff. The best part about this elixir of love is its perfect abundance in Seoul. Need some in the morning before work? Try the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the corner of Insadong and Nagwondong. Need some in the evening before a lengthy bus ride to Osan? Try the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the train station. Need it in the middle of the day because you are addicted and think of nothing but texturally neutral tapioca essence all through the live long day? Try the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf located in the cockles of your heart (because I'm sure they've staked a claim there too next to burger king and dunkin donuts)

Evidently, True LOVE can be purchased for a mere pittance (if you consider 4,500 won and your soul, a pittance). WARNING: may cause some facial distortion and sexual nightmares.

ps. why I am the only one with wiley nostrils? I've got to stop having friends with such straight, lovely, un-flaring noses.

1 comment:

Jon said...

This post scares me. These pictures are practically pornographic. (50 points for me for fitting porn into an alliteration)