Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hypothetically Speaking: A Logic Puzzle

Let's say there's this girl who comes home from a foreign country, a country like, oh, I don't know....Korea. Let's say this girl hasn't driven a car for two years and didn't really have a squeaky-clean accident record before she left the United States...(maybe she was even ranked as the 5th worse driver in Utah by an independent polling authority.) Let's just say this girl gets insurance right when she returns to America and then has two at-fault accidents within a 10 month oh, I don't know...backing into an audi in the driveway and just for fun, let's say she rear-ended a brand new jeep because she was trying to kill a spider that was threatening her life. (hypothetically of course).

What do YOU think would happen to this hypothetical person's insurance premium at the next insurance review?

Well, you're wrong.

There has been a hypothetical CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. I am in love with my insurance company (until they hypothetically discover their mistake).

Also in the miracle department- I have a muscle in my shoulder. Ivan, my personal trainer helped me discover it and along with all my spinning and squatting and crunching, I'm also starting to see other kinds of miracle muscles. I think the obvious next step for me is anabolic steriods. Stop me if I'm wrong about this.


Tamara said...

TRULY a miracle! especially because said person is in VIRGINIA! some day i will tell you the (un)fun story about how i lost my license for 6 months when i was 19. those Virginia cops just didn't seem to appreciate my skills for driving swiftly.
anyway, i took a driving class where most people had their license suspended because of DUI. they weren't excited when we were talking about BAC and i asked, "Why is it okay to have ANY alcohol in your system?"
silly girl...

i just took the driver's test here in california a few days ago and passed with flying colors. looks like my horrible driving days are in recovery.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Dang that is awesomeness! And as to bulking up, start with the creatine powders in your diet coke, then work your way up to the needles.

JonJon said...

I can't wait to see your six pack.

carrie said...

I laughed out loud when I read this post, so I had to comment and send a hello! I know we don't keep in touch a ton, but I hope it's ok I blog stalk you. Ü

Hope things are good out your way!

MB said...

So funny. I don't know who your insurance is but, I'm glad they are forgiving/forgetful ! :)
When do you have to leave us? And, when are we seeing you again? :)