Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm not sure why, but I'm out of tricks. Everything sounds the same. I need other musicians to collaborate with and I haven't done a thing about it since I got to DC. I've written 1 song since Korea (since I'm losing everything but my blog these days, here are the lyrics for posterity).

The Middle

Hey, let's meet in the middle
we'll drive this car through amber waves of grain
we'll take it through Wichita, Omaha, Madison
St. Cloud, Louisville, Bloomington
And we'll see,
if we even believe
in the middle.

They say it's nicer in the middle
there's never a gray cloud in the wide open skies
Everyone's corn fed, in their beds by nine o'clock
Warm hearts, open doors, ready to stop
for two strangers
stuck on the side
in the middle

Does it really exist
beyond the myth
I don't know
But I'll never know
If I never go
To the middle.

So hey, meet me in the middle
Me with my overkill and you with your thoughts
We'll drive them around the world, over hills, underground
Over land, over seas until we've found what could be,
common ground
commond ground
in the middle.

I've written half a song tentatively called Love + Science

But I want to do more. I blame it on my busted guitar. I blame it on getting ready for grad school. I blame it on heartache (which you'd THINK could make things easier in the confessional songwriting category, but, no.) I blame it on everything but what it really is which is laziness and lack of drive. And then I listen to other musicians who are doing things and I think, I could be doing things. Maybe I should be doing things. Blah. Blah. Blah. I guess this is me, calling myself out on my blog. Write more, NB. Play more, NB. Collaborate more, NB. Ok. fine.


Stella said...

Everything you write is flawless to me. And while that sounds like something I should say in a hallmark card, I mean it. I still remember a quite room in Korea (where you had to sleep on the floor and my pillow was the size of William's head) where you sang, just for me, and I thought, "This girl's gonna be famous one day, and this is a memory I will always have."

I stand by that.

luminainfinite said...

can't wait to hear more of your voice.