Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Death by Splenda

I can't get enough diet coke. I want to drink it every day, all day.

And I hate everyone.

I wonder if splenda is rotting my brain...or at least the part of my brain that allows me to love. I would blame it on the man who has been playing me for the last year and oh...3 months...but that doesn't make sense because I've been played before and have still been able to like people. It must be the splenda. or aspertame. or whatever else it is in DC that eats acid off car motors...

Ok, really, I'm not that angry. Hurt, yes...but if there is one thing that will remain my trademark through YET another disappointment it is OPTIMISM. I believe that you men are good inherently. I believe that men want long term committed, kind, honest relationships. I believe that even though we are all broken in our specific and perfect ways, we are still capable of accomplishing connections that long as the foundation is the Savior. Being broken is not an excuse to treat people poorly. It should be an impetus to seek a higher level of kindness, beauty and goodness. I refuse to allow my negative experiences to taint my journey with anger and bitterness.

Maybe the diet coke is my salve. Fake sweetners and contrived bubbles to lighten my weary soul (wow, that was like, totally like, deep). Probably it's just a caffeine addiction, but this point it's something to look forward to in my day. And it reminds me that it's the little things that really give us hope.

Thank you Diet Coke (specifically cherry diet coke and lime diet've always been there for me!)

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Adam said...

You don't hate everyone, my mom is awesome, you'd like her, just ask Kir. My dad is pretty great too, but his cynicism takes him down a notch on the awesome scale to a rating of "super great". Since I'm a hybrid of my mother and father, that makes me a "super great and a half", and the scale doesn't allow halves, so I get rounded up to "awesome". But I think my superb taste in music adds that half a point that I was missing, so either way, lucky me.