Friday, August 19, 2005

I have the pox

I've got a disease (well, maybe not a DISEASE so much as a temporary condition). It's called Iritis and lest you think that I made it up, google's real! I know it's real because it makes my left eye feel like small cocktail swords are being poked into the retina everytime I look ANYWHERE. This is especially torturous when I look at the sun.

So I've been banished by the eye doctor (The real kind, not the eyeglasses guy) to the confines of my home which is currently being refered to as the BAT CAVE. I can not go outside during daylight hours until the heavy steroids start to do their magic. If I do, my left eye will get all puffy and start to water like my goldfish just died and I will be gripped with the sort of sharp shooting pain headache that only ex-boyfriends deserve. Ok, maybe the mandate to stay inside is my own interpretation of the doctors orders, but the pain part is true. My only salvation for the next two days is a pair of cataract sunglasses. You know, the kind that old men and women wear over their bi-focals after visiting the eye doctor? Yep, I have a pair. I can't wear my contacts for at least 3 more days and if I want to drive without hitting someone in a crosswalk, I'll have to donn the glasses once more. I did it once to get home this morning, and I promise you I will do it again if necessary. I finished book three of the Outlander series with one eye shut and I just completed the first disc of season one of "Six Feet Under" so I'm getting a little stircrazy. I can only calculate the weight watchers points on all my food items so many times before I get REALLY REALLY BORED.

To make it all worse, my roommate is at Lake Powell this weekend and I am home alone. Alone with the Iritis. Me and the Iritis. And I'm not talking to it because it's making me miss the Salt Lake County Fair. I suppose things will get better at some point this weekend. I will probably have to venture out to go to church. God will not let Iritis be an adequate excuse for my spiritual delinquency...cramps, yes...iritis, no. I may try to walk to blockbuster after the sun goes down...I think I should rent a vampire movie. It might comfort me to know that I am not alone in this.


Adam said...
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Adam said...

You shouldn't look at the sun. Brian Regan could teach you a thing or two.