Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Here's How Tired I Am...

I can't wake up in the mornings.
I can't concentrate on anything longer than 5 minutes.
I have a headache all the time.
I almost crashed my stupid car like 8 times this week, thus cementing my status as the 2nd worst driver in Utah.
I am mean to every person who works at department stores except that one cool lady at dillards who tried on the new shoes I accidently bought.
I accidently buy shoes.
I fall asleep in movies that I really enjoy.
I can't read my scriptures or say a prayer that lasts longer than 10.2 seconds.
Walking is a task beyond me and I'm thinking of acquiring a rascal as a walking replacement.
I almost dislike my job which normally I like.
I get parking tickets because I am just too tired to go put money in the meter.
I eat frozen dinners at 9:30 at night because I am too tired to cook and really too tired to eat, but damnit I paid in advance for weight watchers and I WILL succeed.
I honestly think Diet Coke is water.
I honestly think water is Diet Coke.
I don't even want to go to the library to pick up book 4 of my naughty highland romance series.
wiping down the counter is too much work.
Dishes are piling up and getting kind of smelly and I just don't give a ....well, you get it.
I can't even be nice to small children.

This is how tired I am.


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Adam said...

Ninny Beth, I'm going to introduce you to your new best friend: Shower Shock. I've been using it for a few months, and it seriously makes a HUGE difference, at least for the first few hours of the day.

If you need more than that, maybe you should step it up.

Note: I don't use or condone drug use. Well, unless you consider caffeine a drug. In that case, I'm a hopeless junkie.