Monday, August 08, 2005

What I did on my summer vacation by Ninny Beth

Last summer was my first in Utah and despite the abounding options for recreation, I can't remember a single thing I did. I'm not really sure how any entire summer passed by me without ONE summer type memory, but I determined that this year would be different. So this weekend I went camping. Granted, there are some of you who think that my type of camping (tent, moderate electricity, 100 other people singing karaoke in the pavilion) is not really camping, but I don't care...I had a blast, ended up with only a mild case of hypothermia from the glacial lake and a touch of a sunburn on my nose.

Here's what I've done to rectify last summer's patheticly indoor experience: I've had two cases of severe sunburn, at least 3 very itchy bug bites and donned my new bathing suit 3 times now. I've almost died 2 times by water and once by excessive crowds at the farmers market. I've eaten fresh fruit, bought something looking like tacos from a street vendor and acquired a large bruise on my arm from paddling a canoe under duress. I've played my guitar around a campfire and I've gazed at the stars in the Uintah mountains. I've layed on a blanket reading a book during my lunch hour enjoying the juxtaposition of extreme airconditioning in my office and the real heat of the noon day sun. I've eaten outside at the Gateway, watching the crowds and pointing out poor fashion choices with my girls. I've gone to hot dog parties and various other cook outs and have had picnics at Liberty park. I've stayed up way too late just because the moon wasn't out yet and I've acquired a flashlight. THIS IS SUMMER, PEOPLE!!!!!

Next up, Lagoon and a Kiss Your Summer Goodbye party which will, true to it's moniker, involve summer lovin' and summer flings...two indespensable parts of the season. I think I'm in love. Watch for the baby coming next spring. It's sure to look like Salt Lake City with a touch of the mountains.

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