Monday, November 21, 2005

My Best Friend's Wedding

My very best friend in the whole wide world got married this weekend. And contrary to seemingly popular premonition, I didn't pull ONE julia roberts weasely hollywood move to try to stop the wedding...I love her new husband, and although I was a little teary eyed at the thought of the end of our Reign as the Park Terrace Triumverate, I was so excited to see her in love, in love, in love.

In fact, I was suprised to find that I didn't have any prickly feelings of jealousy or a desire to be anywhere other than where I am right now. This is a milestone for me. I am a hopeless romantic and ALWAYS want to be madly in love with someone, something ANYTHING. And here I am content. Not aching for anything that I don't currently have. Is something wrong with me? Or am I just growing up?

Her new sister-in-law, who likes to tell people that she hand-picked my friend for her husband, informed me at the reception that I am her next matchmaking project. My friend's older brother couldn't believe I wasn't married and said I was the kind of girl that would be fun to go with to the grocery store. My point: Everyone else is more concerned with my single status than I am right now. A cute boy(we'll call him my wedding party boyfriend) flirted with me at the wedding and at bowling afterward. He sat too close, he made me feel beautiful and acted like I belonged to him. 5 minutes later, another wedding party boyfriend leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Next time, don't tease me...". I'm just discovering how to be THIS girl. I feel like I just won the cheerleader tryouts and I am finally allowed to wear the GIRL uniform. I think I'd like to live it up for just a little bit longer and maybe get this out of my system. BUT of course I'm saying this now when I'm not in love with give me another week and I'll be singing the song of the committed, dreaming of wedding dresses and sales at the target pregnant lady department.


Kirsten J said...

Ahh...where you are is such a sweet place.

I got a cheesy chain e-mail a while back that I actually kept. It was the one that says to quit saying you can't be happy until you get a boyfriend, husband, baby, graduate college, etc, waiting to be happy until the next step in life. It only then occurred to me to think of right now as that time. And not to think "if only I had more money/time/space." I do have money time and space. More than I did before. Now I have to live up to last year's expectations of this year. And it's wonderful. Kudos to you.

Besides, the day you quit longing is the day you get what you would have been longing for before. :) I think your boy magnetism was a testament of that.

Manpace said...

Let's back up. Your BFF got married and afterwards you all went...BOWLING?

Oh goodness, what a light-shedding window onto the nuts and bolts of your social coterie.

I'm not sure what our crew would do, but I should admit it would not be anything more elegant or refined. Halo 2 LANfest, maybe. Or an afternoon feast at a nearby Crownburger.

...wait, the last is for after funerals. Never mind.

lumina said...

Alie is having sex!


do you have any photos?

Of the wedding!